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Christmas card post.

So it's that time of year again. I didn't do so well sending anyone anything last year but I'm in a bit of a better place this time, financially and personally, and I can do it this year :D.

So without further ado, if anyone would like a christmas card/holiday greetings card from yours truly, please let me have your address/p.o box address etc. so I can send one out to you.

The replies to this post are screened for privacy I promise!

Um... yeah. (NWS art under cut)

So I don't have any excuses for this.

If I could mention one, I'd guess it would have to be that it's my last exam tomorrow morning and I'm struggling to revise (read: messing about doodling and listening to music while time marches on). On this particular piece of paper I was meant to be calculating the lung capacity of this 52 year old woman who smokes - which I can't do as I don't have her height go figure - so instead, Heero head was born.

But Heero head can't exist without Heero body, and Heero body doesn't look right unless shaded.

And how else am I going to get around possible nude shot without doing what I did there?

Please forgive the fact that Heero only has one leg. I added one specific little thing, burst out laughing and now I can't touch it.

Heero nude - censoredCollapse )

Commission - Heero and Duo NWS.

I was lucky enough to get a commission a while back from a friend kainslance to draw a scene of my choice from her gorgeous 1x2 fic All Things Unknown and Thusly Terrifying.

She was really understanding about delays from college work (necessary evil :() and finally today I managed to finish it :D

Picture is behind the cut and, I never, EVER, thought I'd say this for a picture I drew but, this ain't worksafe people!

Heero and Duo NWSCollapse )
So here I am lying on the floor because the pussel has stolen my chair once again. I see all these posts from people on my friends list where they talk about their cats and how sweet they are and how they like to cuddle.

Does Pussel?

Is Hell a good place to store ice cream?

She doesn't want to lie next to me on my chair, she just wants my chair. Every night is a constant battle between us, whenever one leaves the room, the other steals the chair. And she pulls no punches either, bites, bunny kicks.

Little witch lol.

Heero under cutCollapse )

[fic] Question Mark.

Title: Question Mark.
Pairing: Heero/Duo
Rating: PG
Warnings: slight swearing, crappy humour.

Question MarkCollapse )

Fic: Gwing. Different paths.

Title: Different Paths
Rating: PG
Pairings: gen, hints of Heero/Duo if you squint.
Warnings: Platonic het kiss.

Maxwell and Schbeiker SalvageCollapse )

Apr. 5th, 2010

My brother showed up at our house on Friday.

Doesn't sound too overwhelming does it lol. But he's lived in Brisbane for 18 years and I haven't seen him in ten. Add that to the fact that he didn't tell anyone he was coming, and it was a really nice surprise.

Long story short, it was my mother's 70th birthday a week ago. Usually my brothers are really bad about remembering things like that so I phoned them all up and reminded them to send a card/flowers/call her/basically do SOMETHING for the day. Eddie said he'd send a card and then quizzed me on our address and what the local area looked like. In hindsight it was pretty obvious, but he's never come back before so I just didn't think he'd do it.

Work stories and kitty in the sunCollapse )

Duo in Spacesuit - Finished Picture.

Well, it took me a while... a lot longer than I thought when I said I'd do a companion piece lol. Finally finished though, although I may still tweak a little here and there for a while. It doesn't feel finished, like I've forgotten something.

Anyhow... two years later, here is the companion picture to Heero in Spacesuit AKA Reflection.

Working title - Duo in spacesuit, although I'm open to suggestionCollapse )

Season's Greetings!

One more day of work to do before I'm off :D. One more day of fighting my way through the wall to wall shoppers, trying to get to the bottle of smashed vodka that five customers are standing in so I can clean it. This week has not been fun and it's guaranteed to be even worse tonight... plus when work is done I get to do my own christmas grocery shopping at 10pm lol.

Going to post this a little early as I know this time of year is busy for a lot of people.

Whatever you celebrate, have a fantastic time and enjoy yourself!

Gundam Wing Christmas PictureCollapse )

Feb. 28th, 2009

Happy Birthday Sharon.

I'm sorry, I didn't realise it was your birthday so soon. Hope you've had a great day and get an even better year.